available for shooting dates till March 2018


“The most important thing about capturing magical wedding images is to click with the bride & groom and not just click the shutter!”

Michael has been a photographer since more than 8 years even though he also had a career in the corporate business world which is on pause right now.

He has been inspired by the many amazing fine art landscape images of famous photographers, sparking his own interest in perfecting his sense and vision for beautiful frames out there in the world. He records the atmosphere, the beauty, and even the emotional revelation captured in a special moment in time. Since the only thing we really have, “ Is this moment”, it is very relevant that the image shows the composition of light, space and time harmonized, capturing that one magical moment.

Michael connects with his clients and models very fast and creates a safe space for them to be authentic.

  • Michael is a cool guy who delivers what he promised. My wife loved the images! Thank you.

    brand new husband
  • Michael is so easy to work with. We never had any doubt that he won’t be able to capture the moments of our special day. The images are amazing.

    Happy bride
Photography -12 years experience
Landscape fine art - 8 years experience
Yoga & Sports photography - 4 years experience
Fashion & Beauty Photography - 2 years experience
Wedding photography - 2 years experience
Web & graphic design - 3 years experience

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The best picture I ever took is the one I will take tomorrow.

Easy Co-Creation

Having worked and lived in different cultures of this world, I have learned to quickly recognize the needs of my clients and adjust accordingly. This also includes professional and clear communication.

Ability to Connect

Sometimes I shoot what it looks like and most of the time I shoot and edit what it feels like

Affordable Investment

I work with high end equipment and deliver supreme & artistic images. At the same time I make my service affordable. Talk to me about your budget.

Professional Editing

Professional editing of the images in Photoshop and Lightroom based on clients preferences or based on the atmosphere at the event.

Supreme Quality

The latest Canon camera as well as profoto lighting equipment combined with professional experience and a sense for beauty guarantees supreme quality

Eye for Beauty

Tuning into the energy of the event gives me the ability to not just take a photo but make it. The right composition of details makes the difference


Elopements, Proposals, Engagements, Anniversary

1.5 to 2 hours of photography

Photographer pre-selected images professionally edited

TOP 10 customer selected images professionally edited (details like skin, eyes…)

TOP 10 and photographer pre-selected images in high resolution available as download


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My availability reserved by the hour for your special day

Photographer pre-selected images professionally edited

TOP xy (depending on category) customer selected images professionally edited (details like skin, eyes…)

TOP xy (depending on category) and photographer pre-selected images in high resolution available as download

2 hours – $1300

3 hours – $1700

4 hours – $2000

5 hours – $2400

6 hours – $2700

8 hours – $3400

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Additional shooting for more stunning wedding images at different location before or after the wedding day (2 – 2.5 hours)


Additional photographer (recommended for > 5 hour bookings)

$125 per hour